Adwords API RealEstate

Adwords API RealEstate


The customer wanted ads created for all the properties he had for sale. This had to be a continuous background application as it had to monitor all the client’s properties and add/delete/modify the ads and keywords for each property listed.


The latest Adwords API version v201309 was used and oAuth authentication was implemented to avoid any upgrades in the recent future for the client.




1. oAuth authentication was a challenge mainly because of the buggy PHP library released by Google.
2. Parsing the listing database.
3. Targeting the ads for each property.
4. Creating keywords which were a good representation of the address as well as it should not be rejected by Adwords due to “Low search volume”.


Client: charlottenorthcarolina.org

Technology: WordPress, PHP, mySQL, SOAP, XML, WSDL, Adwords.

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