Software Quality Assurance

vBridge gives our clients a sense of security and confidence as we make sure that the projects are being delivered as promised. Software Quality Assurance is a very important phase as it mitigates the business and developement risks of projects.

At vBridge, we ensure that the software app is fully compliant with the business requirements and make sure that the system is performing well under normal to peak pressures.  We have worked with the latest technology and our professionals have a vast knowledge on cutting edge technologies.

Mobile Apps
With the advent of the latest smart phones and the mobile apps, Quality Assurance has more challenges. We have worked in Mobile apps and testing in Android and iOS phones of various versions. We understand the challenges associated with Mobile Apps and the focus areas which is different from other desktop or Internet softwares. Some of the bugs which we  indentified are documented in the vlog posts given below:

Full Lifecycle Testing
Achieve high software quality every step of the software engineering process
SQA Process Audit and Improvement
Get an expert opinion on the state of your internal QA processes and their optimization possibilities
In-house QA Team Setup
Grow your own team of qualified QA professionals
Functional Testing
Ensure your software app is fully-compliant with the defined business requirements
Performance Testing
Make sure your system provides for uncompromised user experience by performing well under normal to peak load, and stress conditions
Test Automation
Shorten development time and slash QA costs by integrating test automation in your testing routine