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Microsoft Launches Streetside In Germany
Hoping to avoid the problems that have plagued Google’s Street View service, Microsoft says it will launch its version — Streetside — in Germany next month. Microsoft Germany tells Deutsche Welle that Streetside vehicles will begin driving in four cities (Nuremberg, Furth, …Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article
The New Google Analytics: Events Goals
This is part of our series of posts highlighting the new Google Analytics. The new version of Google Analytics is currently available in beta to a number of Analytics users. We’ll be giving access to even more users soon. Sign up for early access. And follow Google Analytics on Twitter for the latest updates.Real Analytics ninjas use goals. Google Analytics has always had URL Goals (when a visitor reaches a specific page). In 2009, we added Engagement Goals to track success metrics around visit …
Ladies and gentlemen, start your editors! Registration now open for Google Code Jam 2011
Imagine you’re a ninja, trying to master your deadly grappling hook. Or perhaps you’re a chess grand master, outsmarting your opponent’s every move. Or even a Taoist philosopher, explaining the deep truths of the world to your followers. It’s situations like these that you’ll face in Google Code Jam, our annual coding contest in which some of the best coders from around the world write programs to solve tough algorithmic problems. We believe that one of the best ways to sharpen your coding skills …
Google Chrome to Add Malware Download Warning
If the email messages I get from my Grandma who is (despite an inability to travel) in London and lost all her money, my younger brother (a personal trainer) who wants me to check out a site selling Coach Handbags, or the misspelled instant messages I get from a former manager that just needs me to check out an image on a phishy URL, then people are very susceptible to fumbling on the web. While experienced users can typically recognize a scam, virus, or phishing site, many denizens of the web are …
Supporting our beloved science museums
I touched the moon. President Kennedy, NASA, and a museum put the rock that inspired my boyhood imagination into my hands and made me a “museumophile.” Since then, I’ve savored Wenninger’s polyhedra and the evolution of the astrolabe in London, analyzed Konrad Zuse’s pioneering computers in Munich, seen the original Earth globe in Vienna, toured a coal mine in Chicago, learned the secret of Samurai swords and measured a 50-foot tapeworm in Tokyo, learned the origins of oceanography in Monte-Carlo, …
If Google Was New York City & Online Piracy Was Knock-Off Handbags…
Imagine my shock when I used Bing to search for “Where to buy knockoff products in New York” and found a treasure trove of information on the web leading me to an apparently little-known area of New York City where such products are available around Canal Street: Imagine my further… …
Funny: Search For “Tilt” On Google Via iPhone Or Android
Go to your iPhone or Android phone and search for the word [tilt] using Google. The search results displayed will all results at a slight tilt to the right. Our understanding from Google is that this is an April Fools joke that’s still running. Here is a picture on the iPhone (it does the… …
Top Global Search Takeaways From The International Search Summit Munich
The International Search Summit Munich on April 4th covered a wide range of search topics – from in-house international PPC, to video optimisation, from display advertising to international SEO fundamentals, from search in Russia to international link building.There were a lot of tips and tricks to come out of the day and I’ve summarised some of the key takeaways below:#1 Research your markets. This might sound obvious but it’s essential to conduct thorough research into your potential target markets …
Think with Google: Search Ads Affect Offline Sales Too
Do online search campaigns lead to in-store sales? Controlled studies we call ‘Online-to-Store’ experiments prove time and again that they do! Check out this video for results from large advertisers that tested the effects of using keywords targeted to products and categories, generic keywords and online coupons. Highlights include in-store sales lift, return on ad spend (15:1 in some cases) and halo effects on overall sales. Understanding the effect of search ads on offline sales is a large part …
Macquarie Predicts Solid Growth for Display Ads
Macquarie Capital has just published their Ad Tracker report for 1Q 2011 and believe it or not, it’s AOL that came out on top. Twice per quarter, the company analyzes display advertising sales on the homepages of YAHOO, AOL, YouTube, and MSN. Looking at the data from the first quarter of 2011, AOL won the award for the most improved player. The company had the highest proportion of Oversized/Custom ad units (ex YouTube) at 26%, and it also had the highest percentage of purely brand-focused …
Google Adding Local Product Data To Place Pages
Since early 2006 I’ve been writing about the “offline future of online shopping.” And since that time a collection of startups has been working, mostly under the radar, to bring real-time local product inventory data to the internet. In November of 2010 Google joined that effort… …
YouTube Filter & Explore Update: Stealthier Than A Google Panda
The Google Panda update set off fireworks on February 24. But an even bigger change to YouTube search results has slipped under the radar despite the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine. …
Google Falling Off the Map in China
Google’s woes in China continue piling up. The latest: Google failed to submit an application for an Internet Content Provider mapping license by a March 31 deadline, and it now appears there is no future beyond July 1 for Google Maps in China. The State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping will “firmly punish the serious delinquent behaviors of enterprises that do not submit the application,” according to a People’s Daily Online report. That could mean closing down or blocking access to unlicensed …
Google tests game-mechanics strategies with Recyclebank
Its Google Analytics product will be testing a new beta in partnership with eco-rewards company Recyclebank, as a means of testing the limits and promises of “gamification.” …
Google plans to overhaul YouTube
Google is working on a major overhaul of its YouTube video site to organize its content around premium “channels” and spending as much as $100 million to commission original content. YouTube is looking to introduce 20 or so “premium channels” that would feature five to 10 hours of professionally produced original programming a week.
Plenty of acronyms are thrown around the internet when it comes to marketing practices for websites. It can be a lot to try and process for a business or website owner looking to drive traffic to their site. Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are two such acronyms that are extremely important […] …
How to plan a successful social media contest
Running successful social marketing campaigns online takes POP: Planning, Organization and, perhaps the most important component, Practice.I have worked with many organizations that spend so much time in strategy meetings and brainstorming sessions trying to complete the first two components that they never even get the chance to actually practice what they plan. While every company should have a social media strategy, there should also come a point where you put the plan into action, begin to measure …
How Google Instant’s Autocomplete Suggestions Work
It’s a well known feature of Google. Start typing in a search, and Google offers suggestions before you’ve even finished typing. But how does Google come up with those suggestions? When does Google remove some suggestions? When does Google decide not to interfere? Come along for some… …
Optimizing Photo Galleries
Having your images or photos appear in the Search Results can mean a lot of incoming visits to your site. Many sites create photo galleries. So, why does one image appear for a site, and no images appear for another site? There are several reasons. Without going into great detail, I’m going to discuss Webpage Elements, Information Architecture, Increasing Page Speed, and Internal Linking. Webpage Elements: Let’s start with the basic page structure. Make sure all webpages are …
How To Use Search Funnels To Find A Competitive Advantage
Most B2B search marketers spend the majority of their time analyzing conversion data within their PPC campaigns. They adjust budgets and bids to ensure adequate funding of the top converting keywords (i.e. keywords that record a conversion, at an acceptable cost, within the 30-day tracking window,… …
Crawler Face-off: Xenu vs. Screaming Frog
Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a number of new web-based SEO crawlers (including our own Pro App here on SEOmoz). They’re great tools and can provide a lot of insight, but sometimes you’ve just got to get down and dirty into a big site, and you need a desktop crawler application. For the past few years, that’s pretty much meant Xenu’s Link Sleuth. Recently, a new entrant has thrown its hat into the ring – Screaming Frog SEO Spider. I was amazed, on social media, how many people still …
Will Google TV Merge with Android?
Google TV hasn’t precisely been the stunning success that some, including those in Google, predicted it would be. Reasons cited for that failure have been varied, and have included the expansion of services like Netflix and the high price of hardware. However, one of the reasons most experts agree on is the sometimes sloppy construction of the Google TV software. Multiple sources have now stated that Google may be merging the Google TV project with the upcoming Android OS 2.4 (Ice Cream / Ice Cream …