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This PHP application is a support tool for Google Adwords MCC account with the help of the Adwords API client library. This application automates the operations in bulk including the creation of shopping campaigns, adding schedules to campaigns, associating re-marketing lists(Audiences) to campaigns and Bid strategy download. Each operations imports CSV sheet of about 2000 rows. The fast and accurate execution reduces the complexity of these things done in adwords account UI.

The major requirements includes

  • Shopping campaign creation
  • Ad-Scheduling
  • Audience associate(Re-marketing list associate)

Shopping campaign creation

Creation of shopping campaigns for large numbers will be a difficult task if it’s carried out in the adwords UI. Here lies the relevance of this application. The application helps in creation of the shopping campaigns in large numbers by importing a csv sheet, where the sheet includes the details of the campaigns,adgroups and product group. These data is stored in db and then start creating the shopping campaigns till the last row of csv sheet is being created. The db will have the status of each row, whether the shopping campaign created or not or there had some exceptions. So it’s a 100% reliable application for creating the shopping campaigns in bulk with less effort. The total requirement included in the setting up of the csv sheet. The more accurate sheet will result very good result in the creation of the shopping campaigns. In the best case scenario, a sheet of just beyond 2000 rows can be used for this requirement.


Ad-Scheduling determines when a Product Listing Ad (PLA) should be displayed. So it’s clear that the time when sales and shopping increases would be chosen for each schedules or the time user preferred. The CPC bid also get modified for some schedules and hence the maximum click and conversion will be obtained for the ads. Adding schedules to the campaigns are carried out in a same manner like csv import. Prepare a sheet of campaigns and schedules is the first thing to do. The imported sheet will be stored in to db and after the audience schedule, the status, whether it’s done or not or any other exception, also will be stored. This tool can be used for the import of more than 2000 rows sheet at it’s best case.

Audience associate

Audience(Re-marketing list) is a group of customers with some rules. The rules include the type of users, nature of users, combination of the regulations, etc.. The lists will be available in the adwords account or can be created in the account. The adgroups are taken to associate the audience(Campaign level are also possible, not used here). A sample csv sheet made available to download for each account and after some customization, the sheet to be imported is ready. A sheet with more than 1000 rows will be executed successfully(1000 adgroups and audiences not less than 3,{3000 rows approximate}).

Batch Process

The bulk import is carried out by a batch process which begins at the time of start and will continue till the last row of the sheet is being executed. Real time results will be available in the link present in the pop up where import is being done, since it’s an offline process once it’s began. It’s obvious that the accidental browser window closing or the internet connection issues at client side will not affect the process.