• Wallakey: Android Mobile Application

    Wallakey is a Android application that uses patent-pending technology to provide a secure platform for accessing services, for example login and payment, ticketing, digital identity and door access. Application has a Android version and web side. The payment mechanism in Android app uses a username, image/password combination for authentication. The process involves registering the device [...]

  • A Fortune 100 Company's Android Application

    Android application for receiving values from an instrument. App polls data at regular intervals and displays on different screens. There is also a Graph screen which plots multi line graph of different values against time. App connects to the instrument by Wifi access point and polls data by HTTP GET request. App also POSTs data [...]

  • ZohoCRM Twilio Integration

    ZohoCRM – Twilio integration is like a bridge between ZohoCRM and Twilio cloud telephony application. Our app will provide necessary XML data for Twilio IVR. It also processes ZohoCRM data according to the needs of the customer. Our app will automate sales process, so that, it will allow user to skip a lot of manual [...]

  • A Digital Agency US

    This PHP application is a support tool for Google Adwords mcc account with the help of the Adwords API client library. This application automates the operations in bulk including the creation of shopping campaigns, adding schedules to campaigns, associating remarketing lists(Audiences) to campaigns and Bid strategy download. Each operations imports csv sheet of about 2000 [...]