• Xero API Integration, App Us Ltd

      An API Project where multiple Xero Account users can add their Xero Accounts easily and can get daily statistics from Xero and store it locally for further analysis.   oAuth 1-step authentication was complicate and also a challenge to get a long living token from Xero authorities. COmpletely coded in PHP and mySQL with [...]

  • Adwords API RealEstate

      The customer wanted ads created for all the properties he had for sale. This had to be a continuous background application as it had to monitor all the client’s properties and add/delete/modify the ads and keywords for each property listed.   The latest Adwords API version v201309 was used and oAuth authentication was implemented [...]

  • TagBook.co.nz, Android and Web App for managing New Zealand Farms

      Tagbook was a complex project for managing cattle-stock farms in New Zealand. An Android app and a web site for the farmers where the farmers can register their animals & their movements/death with the government, read their tags using bluetooth scanners, apply health treatments , track pregnancies, weigh them etc etc.   The web [...]

  • VesselDirect.com, Importing large data from Dbase

      Custom PHP website which handles large data. Importing of  data from Dbase data files to mySql database was the main challenge.   Technology: PHP, mySql, Dbase, DBF