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A Digital Agency US This PHP application is a support tool for Google Adwords MCC account with the help of the Adwords API client library. This application automates the operations in bulk including the creation of shopping campaigns, adding schedules to campaigns, associating re-marketing lists(Audiences) to campaigns and Bid strategy download. Each operations imports CSV sheet of about 2000 rows. The fast and accurate execution reduces the complexity of these things done in adwords account UI. The major requirements includes Shopping campaign creation Ad-Scheduling Audience


SharDB, HyperDB and Multi-DB = Part 2

Part 1 is here.   HyperDB   HyperDB plugin is the implementation of replication property of WP Hyperdb. HyperDB plugin requires a master DB and a number of slaves are connected to master DB. Read and/or write permissions can be assigned to each databases. In this setup, the slaves have the same data, and act as fail over and load distribution nodes. If a database fails or if HyperDB cannot find something on a database, it auotmatically switches to another slave.   The


SharDB, HyperDB and Multi-DB = Part 1

The Problem   As part of the WordPress Multi-Site Installation which involved more than 600,000 blogs, the biggest problem was that mySQL installation cannot support so many tables required for as many blogs. The filesystem was the real bottleneck here as there is a limit to the number of subdirectories that can be formed and mySQL will cross this if we create 600k blogs as each blog requires 9 tables.   Solution   The solution is very obvious, to split the blogs into multiple databases. We


ZenDesk API Integration to get ticket details daily

Aim: To get count of tickets for every day.   User flow and implementation:   Step 1: Authorization as per   Redirect the user to the authorization page in ZenDesk Get authorized using the access token.   Step 2: Get count of tickets created for a particular date.   curl Call:   curlWrap($zendfetchmail, $zendfetchkey, $zendfetchurl, "/api/v2/search.json?query=created>$dayin", null, "GET"); Note: curlWrap is a curl function which gives the response output. It passes the parameters of <mail_id>,<API key>, <app_url>,<request url>.   <request url> specifies our request. If we want to request


Xero API Integration to get Total Sales

Aim: A tool where multiple Xero Account users can add their Xero Accounts easily and can get daily statistics from Xero and store it locally for further analysis..   Links:   User flow and implementation: A button called “Connect to Xero” to start the process of integrating a user xero account. If the user clicks on this button, it redirects to Xero and asks the user to login if the user does not have an existing Xero